Motherwell and Wishaw MSP Clare Adamson has slammed the Labour-Tory deal struck this week which saw Labour retain control of North Lanarkshire Council, despite returning fewer councillors and receiving fewer votes than the SNP in the recent local elections.   

Ms Adamson’s Grandfather emigrated from Ireland in the 1920’s to work in the Dalzell Mill, which the SNP Government recently worked to save in 2016. 

Commenting, Ms Adamson said:

“Labour have sold out to the Tories in a desperate bid to retain power, despite losing the election to the SNP.   I shudder to think what concessions Scottish Labour have made to the Tories in respect of vital local services in order to seal this desperate deal.”

“As the grand-daughter of a steel worker, I am appalled that Scottish Labour, the supposed party for working people, have teamed up with the Tories yet again. My generation witnessed the Tories’ complete destruction of the steel and mining industries, consigning people in my constituency to unemployment and poverty. The Tories current programme of austerity is abhorrent and Labour will now be delivering this.”

“The people of North Lanarkshire will never forget the day that Scottish Labour teamed up with the Tories to thwart the democratic will of the people, who returned more SNP Councillors than any other party on 4th May. It is a complete betrayal for the Labour Party to turn their back on their history in this area.” 


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