SNP MSP for Motherwell and Wishaw, Clare Adamson, led a debate in the Scottish Parliament last week highlighting the issue of type 1 diabetes in Scotland. Ms Adamson praised the work of the diabetes charity JDRF, which has been instrumental in funding research projects across the country in an effort to develop a cure.

Over 29,000 people in Scotland and 3,700 people in Lanarkshire suffer from type 1 diabetes, which is an immune system condition that is not linked to lifestyle. JDRF aims to foster collaboration between industry, academics and clinicians to drive forward new research. The Scottish Government recently announced £10 million of funding to provide better treatment for type 1 diabetes patients.

Scotland is at the forefront of research into the condition, something that is being threatened by Brexit due to the possible loss of funding and academic expertise.

Commenting, Ms Adamson said: “I was very pleased to have the chance to bring this important debate forward to Parliament. Type 1 diabetes affects nearly 4000 people in the NHS Lanarkshire area alone, and it is vital that they have their voice heard.

“Charities such as JDRF have been instrumental in campaigning on this issue and in raising awareness of the condition. The work in funding research projects in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow is having a very real impact in improving the lives of people who suffer from type 1 diabetes and helping to drive research to help find a cure to the immune system condition.

“Scotland is at the forefront of research into the condition, and it is concerning that this could be put at risk due to the Tory Brexit which threatens a vital source of funding and academic expertise.

“I am delighted to highlight these issues in Parliament and to hear what the Scottish Government is doing to help support those that suffer from the condition. The recent investment of £10 million for better treatment for patients proves the SNP’s commitment to tackling diabetes in Scotland.”

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