Clare Adamson MSP attended the No Patient Left Behind pledge signing event in the Scottish Parliament on 30th June, hosted by Gillian Martin MSP.  The event was supported by the Hepatitis C Trust, Liver4Life and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS).

Hepatitis C, a blood borne virus, affects around 36,700 people in Scotland. While it can be asymptomatic for many years, hepatitis C when left untreated can lead to the development of many life-altering conditions, including cirrhosis, liver disease, and liver cancer. UK residents originating from areas in South Asia are often at the greatest risk of infection due to poor infection control and inadequate healthcare practices in those regions.

The Hepatitis C Trust works to de-stigmatise hepatitis C by raising public awareness about the nature of the disease. The Hepatitis Trust is working to create a community of support for those living with hepatitis C, specifically in South Asian communities in Scotland. Liver4Life focuses on supporting those living with liver conditions and diseases in the UK. Bristol-Myers Squibb is a BioPharma company working globally to develop and deliver innovative medicines to fight serious diseases.

Speaking about the No Patient Left Behind event, Clare Adamson MSP said;

“I was so pleased to support the No Patient Left Behind event on Thursday. These organisations work hard to help some of the most vulnerable members of our society through their extensive efforts to assist patients. The Hepatitis C Trust and Liver4Life are raising awareness and de-stigmatising hepatitis C in Scotland, and working to prevent the serious issues, such as liver disease, that can result from undiagnosed and untreated hepatitis C. The South Asian community is particularly at risk, and continued support for these communities is a crucial step in eradicating hepatitis C in Scotland. It is very important to support those suffering and to improve hepatitis C care.”

Clare Adamson MSP took a pledge with many of her fellow MSPs to promote initiatives with the NHS to provide support and treatment for patients in South Asian communities in Scotland and ensure that no patient is left behind.

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